Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gisele's Outburst

(Tom surrounded by media at his locker in Foxboro today.)

Again, rumors are circulating that Gisele had ANOTHER public outburst at Tom Brady over dinner. This time, the spat happened at Extra Virgin in New York. Apparently, there was some shouting between the couple and it ended with Gisele leaving the restaurant with Tom left behind at the table by himself.

The fight was reported on Link to Gawker posting.

I'm sure Dolphin fans are thrilled.

You may have missed 'Trouble in Paradise' in July.


Anonymous said...

Everything seems to indicate that such Gisele is a slut without education and extremely capricious.

May God free Tom such a monster

Anonymous said...

So did Brady stay and finish his dinner or leave. I hope he breaks up with her. Just play football Tom.

Anonymous said...

Tom, leave the beatch.

Anonymous said...

That leaves Tom ugly in this picture seems ill