Friday, September 7, 2007

Taking It Easy at Practice

Tom Brady sat out most of practice yesterday in Foxborough (pictured above) officially due to his "chronic" shoulder injury dating back to 2002. Of course, Belichick has used the injury report to his strategic advantage in the past, and now with new NFL rules I previously posted about, this may be a case of coachmanship and not injury.

But in his defense, Tom said at the beginning of preseason that he would take it easy:

"One thing I'm doing a little bit different is that I'm really monitoring my throws in the preseason," he said. "Before I'd come out and I'd throw 100 balls a day. After a while, you throw 100 balls here at practice, that's 200 balls a day in two-a-days, and you go, `After four days, why is my arm sore?' Well, because you're throwing (so much)."

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