Thursday, September 20, 2007

Style Icon?

(Tom and Gisele on the streets of NY)

Is Tom Brady a fashionista? Some seem to think so. Given his recent spread in VMAN magazine, multiple showings in GQ, and his attendance at Paris runways, Tom is turning heads in the fashion world and getting noticed.

Today, the Boston Globe published a lengthy article summarizing Tom's fashion accomplishments and style know-how:

"Brady is an eager participant in photo shoots, asserts a few opinions of his own, and arrives with a firm sense of self. 'He knows his light, he knows his angle. He has a certain amount of trust with the photographer,' says John Mather, the fashion director of Best Life who arranged September's spread, which features Brady in a new line of Tom Ford clothes."

Link to full article.


Anonymous said...

Since he is model hot and tall and just all around appealing, I think he just fell into this stigma of being a fashion icon. It is funny to him I'm sure. Not that he doesn't care what he looks like, but I am sure he never thinks of himself as a great dresser or even a sex symbol. But he is both of those things. He can't help being so damned irresistable. Just ask Bridget Moynahan, she knew what she had and what she desperately tried to keep.

Anonymous said...

I love that his teammates harass him about his endorsements and fashion spreads. I’m sure it helps to keep him real and down to earth, which is after all, one of his greatest assets.