Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New SI Interview

As Tom Brady and Matt Cassel practiced in Foxboro today (pictured above), Sports Illustrated released a new interview with Tom, whose noteworthy quotes include:

"You want me to help guys be cool? Why me? I was the little sports nerd in high school who hardly ever had a girlfriend!"

About celebrity:

"I get so embarrassed having everybody looking at me," he says. "I just want to stop and go, 'What are you staring at?' I mean, I'm just walking out the door, you know? And people follow me! I have to disguise myself now. I never go out without a hoodie on. My head is always down! I never make eye contact anymore! It's like I'm not even myself!"

On turning down endorsements:

"You realize you're turning down a lot of dough, yeah, but it's just not me. I'm just not going to go out and do a Chunky Soup ad.... Like that [MasterCard] ad Peyton did about, 'Cut that meat! Cut that meat!' -- our D-line yelled that every time he came up to the line. 'Cut that meat!' Man, I'm so glad I didn't do that one."

Regarding his new son:

"I kind of cuddled him like a football," Brady says, adding that it's killing him that he can't be in Los Angeles for every sneeze. "I'd love to be out there all the time, year-round, but it's hard to make that a reality. I live here. But I'll start lobbying for off days throughout the year."

Link to article.


Simon said...

This article just confirms what a sweet guy Tom is. I have no doubt he'll be a loving, involved father to his son.

sydney said...

This article made me wonder if he is such a "sweet guy." I wish he were - that's what I found attractive about him :) I couldn't help but take some offense at the "she's got to leave that date thinking, 'What's wrong with me?'" comment. A real gentleman would make a date feel comfortable, and a mature person with manners and class wouldn't bother with this sort of juvenile mind games. I do agree that early dates should NOT go on too long, and that you should always leave the person you're dating "wanting more," but that's taking things too far IMHO. I'm apparently not the only one who feels this way - I'm glad the Bostinist columnist spoke up about this:
I really like Tom otherwise, but I wish he didn't have this attitude toward women.
This is my first post to this blog - thanks for reading.