Monday, September 17, 2007

GQ Cover

Tom Brady is once again on the cover of GQ Magazine. This time, he's one of 10 covers for GQ's 50th anniversary commemoration, which will be on the stands this Wednesday.

According to the Boston Globe:

"What helped Brady make the cut? Jim Moore, GQ's creative director, said it was the three Super Bowl rings, of course . . . plus Brady's charity work, his leadership on the field, and his self-mocking 2005 appearance on "Saturday Night Live." "We liked the fact that Tom Brady represents today," Moore said. "He's got a great spirit about him and he's an incredible leader. . . . We feel that his career is just getting going." Brady is also the only GQ cover boy who got new pictures taken for the occasion; for the other covers, GQ used iconic photos from each subject's era. Photographer Richard Burbridge, known for his stark and provocative portraits, shot Brady over the summer in New York."

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Anonymous said...

As far as covers of magazines they are not the best photos of Tom are others in which one is killing