Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Comments on Pre-Season

Personal dramas aside, Tom Brady took some time with the press to talk about what he needs to work on, what his team needs to work on, and his hopes for the upcoming season.

"I'm always excited about our potential, but the potential and the reality is something that's very different," said Brady. "I've heard over the last six months the expectations for this team and we can just throw the ball on whoever we want and run it and gain 450 yards a game. But it takes a lot. It takes a lot of guys coming together and finding a role and playing with toughness and effort.

"We've played two preseason games. We haven't played any regular-season games to really see where we're at. We've got two very valuable weeks coming up in order to get ready for our opener. The potential of the team, that's one thing, but really going out there to see what we can accomplish, starting in Week 1, is going to be what's most important."

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